FYJC Online Admission Process 2016

FYJC Online Admission Process 2016-17, FYJC Admissions 2016

Students from a different reservation quotas can check from the booklet of their eligiblility for a particular reservation as per the norms and must check if they carry valid certificates for the same.

Maharashtra SSC results would be declared in the month of June and just before their results, they can gain admission to FYJC. Since many years, admissions in the FYJC Mumbai metropolitan area (MMR) are now online. Although the education department does their best, yet parents raise a doubt each year for the the conduct of fyjc online admissions. Its better and in the best of parents as well as their wards to carefully go through the information booklet for the fyjc.org.in mumbai online admissions.The following are some of the key areas in the fyjc online admission process 2016.

Online Form Filling for FYJC Admissions - A student must take note that he/she can fill the online form in two parts. Part I, which is available online on the fyjc org in mumbai website, takes the personal information of the student. Part II is to be filled after the Maharashtra SSC result 2016, is very important as students have to give their college preferences for which they are interested to jhave admissions.

Junior college preferences - This is a three-part process where students can fill these preferences. A student has to arrange colleges in preferential sequence from the entire MMR area in Part I. A student can select colleges from any one zone listed in the booklet in Part II, so if a student does not gets a seat or not allotted in any college from Part I based on the student's merit, then they will be allotted a college from Part II. A student has to list colleges from any two wards/sectors in Part III from the zone selected in Part II, so that if a student could not be allotted any college from first two parts, then they will be allotted a college from Part III. Every year, this gives rise to confusion among students. A student must note that the fyjc online admission authorities first always try to allot colleges to which a student has listed in Part I only, irrespective of whatever you heard from any source. Thus, based on your merit in the fyjc merit list, a student will be allotted you the college you list as number one in Part I. Students must note that there is no complusion to give their own junior college as Preference I as some schools tell their students to do so. Students can fill any college as their preference as they wish and they are free to fill any college list.

The fyjc mumbai online admissions official website has details of all colleges listed in the MMR region. Its better for students and parents not to select junior colleges whose cut-off scores are higher for the last year than scores a student has got in this year. For example, suppose a college named abc had closed their admissions at 90% last year. If a student scored 60% marks in the SSC exam this year, then if you put and mark down this college in your preference list, it would be a real waste- because the cut-off of this junior college would never come down to 60% from 90% in one year flat. Rather a student is advised to choose colleges in which they have a better chance of admission.

Betterment Option - Students must note that the betterment option is given only once during the entire fyjc online admission process. Betterment option means that a student wants to move up in your preference list. If a student has already got college no.1 as per his or her preference, then there is no chance of getting betterment. A student must also note that if he/she fails to take admissions in round 1 or 2 in the college already allotted, then he/she is out of the admissions procedure and just not entitled to any betterment option.

Reservations - Students who are applying under different reservation quotas should first figure out if they are eligible for a particular reservation as per the norms and are having all the valid certificates for the same from the booklet. In case if a student applies under a reservation category which he/she is not entitled to do, his/her dmission will be outright rejected by the college even if the name of the student appears in the merit list. A student will then be considered in the open category for the next round and will be allotted a college as per the merit of the student.

All those students who are migrating from a different board other than the Maharashtra state board should note that they have to get their original school leaving certificates countersigned overleaf by the concerned education inspector/education officer of the area.

In the preference form, check whether the particular college that you are listing offers the subject that you want to study at +2 level. For example, students who want admissions to arts stream with the aim of doing architecture after HSC results, mathematics should be one of the subjects as it's the the requirement for architecture. If you list a college that doesn’t offer mathematics in the arts stream and are allotted, then there would be problems later on. So a student must be careful about these things.