Students in mumbai merit list could be deprived of admissions

Maharashtra government has issued a resolution on 18th June 2014 that may affect the future of meritorious students. As the First Year Junior College (FYJC) admissions for Pune and Mumbai is currently going on, the resolution directs the junior colleges to fill up all their quota seats so that linguistic and religious minority students gets admissions. Currently, the FYJC colleges get 51% quota to fill up the seats. For instance, a college under a Sindhi trust have to fill up the left seats to other minorities if only 35% of its 51% quota gets filled with Sindhi students.
These vacant seats were surrendered to the open, or merit, category in previous years to the ruling. The First Year Mumbai City Junior mumbai seems not happy with the ruling, its clearly injustice to open category students.

There are 762 Junior colleges and mostly, around 70% are administered by minorities and these colleges prefer to give 51% minority seats for their respective communities. In their minority quota of 51%, FYJC Somaiya College, Vidyavihar, prefers Gujrati Kutchi students and Rizvi Trust, prefers students from Muslim community.minority quota.

Narendra Pathak, principal, SK Somaiya Vinay Mandir Junior College, said, "As there is already 51% reservation quota for minorities, adding them to more percentage is injustice to students from the open

category. It will lead to more commercialisation as the resolution says if you don't get linguistic minority students, look for students from different religions. Students coming in merit list, will definitely suffer due to this ruling."

The government should have taken the opinion by large and then passed the resolution and students with good percentage will get affected. Almost all fyjc colleges in mumbai are of the same opinion that this new ruling could affect students whose names comes up in the merit list. This new government resolution for minority quota is unacceptable as it will delay the admission process and will deprive meritorious students from the open category to get admissions in good fyjc junior colleges.