Mumbai University Teachers strike ends

Teachers strike that was continuing for a long time(since Feburary 4) had ended on this Friday but its looking like the results of the Mumbai University will be delayed as teachers do not checked the papers at tha time and all exam work was laid to rest. The Honurable High Court intervened to end the long strike, and asked the teachers body to start evaluation of answer sheets by Saturday, saying it was not justifiable for teachers not to cooperate with the university, and as the Maharashtra state government has already conceded much demands of the agitators, the teachers should end their stike soon.

According to law, its said that results must be announced within 30-45 days of an examination, and Mumbai University has declared results of 104 of the 245 exams within 30 days.

"Results will be declared on time", said an official of the Mumbai University. Among the 688 affiliated colleges of Mumbai University, around 30 per cent of them are aided and the strike was conducted by the teachers belonging to these colleges. Assessment was still done at the time of strike. Its not correct to say that inexperienced or unapproved teachers checked the papers at that time, said the official.

The university has completed BCom assessment work and BA exams are concluding on June 1 2013. Around half % of the papers have been evaluated. For Bsc papers, almost all of the papers have been checked and the result will be out soon.